6 Months later…

It’s hard to believe I’m six months into my work with Envision Atlanta.  Emotionally I’ve been all over the place through this part of the journey.  I’ve had easy days and hard days, ups and downs.  Somethings have been easy and some things have been hard.  Most of you who follow my blog either pray for me or support me financially.  Consider this post my semiannual report to my stakeholders!  Everything listed below was possible because Pete Brokopp took a chance on me and allowed me to run as fast as I wanted to with everything he gave me.  Thank you, Pete the journey has just begun!

EA Development and Services LLC 1

Back in March, I wrote about being a window cleaner, that’s one of the jobs I have (you can read that article here).  But better than that I get to work in a company I started.  It was a difficult task that I could not have completed without the help of my friend Tom Walsh who has been my consultant and biggest cheerleader since December.  I’m made many mistakes along the way like every small business operator does but I think I’ve been able to learn from almost all of them.  It’s been a fun journey, there are so many of you who have supported me, Envision, and EA Development and Services LLC.  Much more to come in the future, I can’t wait till we can hire our first employee!

Having never done more than somewhat keep up with a Facebook page, I wouldn’t have ever guessed I would be tasked with building two websites and managing three facebook pages and corresponding with people all over the country.

Design work is something else I’ve gotten to do that was rather unexpected.  I’m very proud of our T-Shirts that you can see below.  I also got to design our first postcards.  I’m learning how to streamline the purchasing process from customers ordering through order fulfillment and learning just as much about business through Envision Atlanta’s store as I am through the window cleaning company.  Order your shirts here. =)

Every day brings something new.  Some days I feel up to the task and fail miserably.  Other days I’m fighting internal conflicts, disappointed with myself, and somehow God lets me overcome my obstacles.  I have so much growing to do still, so many things I need to get better at, and yet I can reread this post anytime to remember what  God has helped me trough.  I am capable of more than I think I am because people like you pray for me, encourage me, and support me.  I know that everything I put my hand to is a collaboration and you are just as responsible for this as I am.  Thank you!


One thought on “6 Months later…

  1. great job Brian!!! Isn’t it a crazy, fulfilling,Hard amazing life with GOD??? Can’t wait until we can be together and compare notes!!!! LOVE Mom


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