Envision Atlanta Update #1

Thank you all who have been following my blog and praying for me and Envision Atlanta.  This post is an update post and specifically for my blog post “What New Beginnings Look Like”.  If you haven’t read that post, I would encourage you to start there and then hop back here.

Our future ministry center still sits empty and a mess, however, the necessary work on the outside has begun! The three things we needed to happen before work on the inside could begin were: 1) sidewalks put in to access the basement, 2) a second door put in, and 3) work done on the building to prevent flooding on the inside.

I am happy to share that the sidewalk is in!  Here is what the work looked like!

And here is the final project!

Thank you all again for your prayers we ask that you continue to pray.  Click here to see what you can do to own a part of what’s happening in Clarkston!

Brian and his wife Anna serve in the metro Atlanta area, home to people from more than 761 different people groups. They work with refugees and urban poor with Envision Atlanta. Brian has helped Envision Atlanta start two businesses, a window cleaning company, and a mobile thrift store. One of the goals of each business is to provide job training and livable wages to its workers. Brian and Anna are required to raise their own support to pay their salary. You can give here. Search for Brian and Anna Baldwin where it says, “type name of worker or project”. Envision is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and your gifts are all tax deductible. Every gift is valuable for advancing the work being done. You can also sign up for Brian and Anna’s newsletter here (outside link FYI).


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