• Creative Creation

    June 10, 2022 by

    June 10th, 2022 Thoughts from today’s reading of Genesis 1-5 “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”. Over the course of six (literal or figurative) days, he both made it to support life and filled it with life. Incredible. The grass was grown, the trees had fruit, and the light from faraway… Read more

  • Running the Race

    June 11, 2019 by

    I don’t know if you’re like me. It can take a while for something to stick. Some people pick up on everything and seem to have no trouble understanding what seems to bounce off my thick skull. ” Don’t you know that the runners in a stadium all race, but only one receives the prize?… Read more

  • A Birthday Letter to Myself

    March 20, 2019 by

    Two weeks after my birthday, in 2016, I wrote yourself a letter. I don’t remember exactly what had happened, but I believe I had been passed over for a job. I still have that letter and I read it occasionally, most often around my birthday. It’s a reminder to keep going, to keep fighting. The… Read more

  • Envision Atlanta: Two Years Later.

    February 22, 2019 by

    It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already, well for me, the site will be two years old in June. January 1st of this year was my two-year anniversary with Envision Atlanta. Back then it was just me and Pete, the site coordinator. There were other team members who had moved to the Atlanta… Read more

  • Why I’m a Foster Parent.

    February 16, 2019 by

    Fostering is hard, very hard. But, I’m glad that we’ve made the choice to go through with it. I didn’t really know what foster care was when I was growing up. I knew we had neighbors down the road who fostered teenagers. They would ride the same bus as me. Rumor had it that they… Read more

  • Who I believe God is.

    February 11, 2019 by

    A small group I attend is working through a booklet. This week one of the questions we had to answer is “What do you believe about God?”. Well, I believe a lot about God, but I’ve never taken the time to write it down, I thought with would be a great opportunity to do just… Read more

  • Why don’t more people step into Church leadership?

    October 18, 2018 by

    One of my favorite things I get to do to serve the church is leading our young adult ministry. It’s not a large group of people but it’s growing in number, and in its effectiveness, and it keeps me thinking young. We are in the middle of a study called “Identity: Image Bearers of the… Read more

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