This is where it all began and why I get to work with refugees in Clarkston, GA.  For those of you who support my work with prayer or through funding, this is why I’m doing what I do.  If you want to become part of my support network click on “partner” from the menu above, or read below the video.

Brian and his wife Anna serve in the metro Atlanta area, home to people from more than 761 different people groups. They work with refugees and urban poor with Envision Atlanta. Brian has helped Envision Atlanta start two businesses, a window cleaning company, and a mobile thrift store. One of the goals of each business is to provide job training and livable wages to its workers. In October of 2018, Alazne Grace was officially adopted into the Baldwin home. Brian and Anna are required to raise their own support to pay their salary and would love to expand their monthly supporters. You can give here. Envision is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and your gifts are all tax deductible. Every gift is valuable for advancing the work being done. You can also sign up for Brian and Anna’s newsletter here (outside link FYI).

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