What happens when we get back up

I’ve written on failure before. I will write about it again. It’s something I’m good at (failing that is). I write on failing because I need the reminder that there are two options when we fail. Option A) stay down, option B) get back up. I am not good at getting back up. So I’m writing this to myself and if it helps more than just me great, but if it is something that just I return to, something that keeps me going, then it has served its purpose.

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Brian this is what happens when you get back up:

1) You redefine yourself!

Too often you have named yourself after what you have not done well, where you chose to walk away, and by the times you just gave up. When you return to your mess and choose to clean it up you can no longer call yourself a quitter, a failure, or someone who does not finish. When you choose to fight through the difficulties you become a finisher, a winner, a person of your word.

2) You become worth investing in.

If failure no longer defines you then you now become moldable. Even though it feels like the only thing others see is when we fall down they see when you get back up, and back up again, and again. Those are the types of people you choose to bring on your journey, don’t you think that others want the same people around them? Don’t you think that other people want to know that you are worth their time and their investment? Be worth investing in, get back up when you fall.

3) You are worth following.

If you want to be worth following you can’t be someone who gives up. No one follows a quitter because there is nowhere to go. The people whom you choose to follow have gone somewhere and are still going. The setbacks and the challenges have become the places of growth in the lives of those who overcome come them. Each challenge becomes a classroom with knowledge and understanding that go beyond the current adventure, allowing the next journey to be more difficult and an even more rewarding lesson. Begin to share how you got back up, how you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown. Those that want to grow are the ones that are worth your time.


2 thoughts on “What happens when we get back up

  1. thanks for this reminder Brian. This has been the hardest year of my life…I’ve never cried more, felt less sure of myself, never more defeated, more hopeless, never more alone… than I have this year. I have wanted to quit, but circumstances made that impossible. I’m hoping to get back up and be someone worth following.


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